Connecting people through the magic of activities.

How To Use Community Meets

Looking for a smart way to organise and manage events? Community Meets helps you connect with your audience, community or members. Combining a simple and easy to use event planning interface, fully integrated with your existing social accounts, and with a focus on local communities, we make it easy for you to meet, socialise and connect with like-minded people in your community and beyond. Whether your the person behind the event, or the type that just [...]

Community Meets Takes Off!

After several years of planning and development, Community Meets finally goes live! It's been an epic journey, inspired by our desire to connect people, face-to-face, through the magic of activities. While most other social networks are designed to keep you glued to the screen, clicking, liking, sharing, that's not us! Community Meets focuses on making it easy to unite people and join together, whether it be for rallying behind a cause and mission or for point of interest. If you’re someone who [...]

Building Community Spirit

Building community spirit isn't so hard. It just takes one small step outside your door! So while it's possible to connect with people from Tokyo to Timbucktoo, for many of us, we are losing our grip locally? How active are you within your community, do you take the time to connect with people, make new friends, to do the things you really love? Making a difference shouldn't be hard work, it should be an extension of who you are [...]

Get Your Next Event on Community Meets

Get your next event on Community Meets - the obligatory first sentence that tells you what the article is about! At Community Meets you can post all sorts of community related events! Prior to getting started, choose a posting source that best matches your purpose or intended audience. Which best describes you? I just want to post an event I want to start an interest or community group and post events I want to setup an About us page [...]