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How To Avoid Being Scammed Online:

How to avoid being scammed online - yes, it's a head scratcher alright. I mean, how can we stay safe when there are so many pitfalls in the digital world? By the way, if you're already financially supporting foreign princes and eagerly awaiting your impending nuptials with a blonde bombshell you haven't met in person yet... it may already be too late for you. For the rest of the community, we'll help you differentiate between phishing and regular old fishing, and give you nifty tricks that will make you more internet secure. How Dangerous Is The Internet? In 2017, 76% of businesses reported phishing attacks, which is a staggeringly high number, though easier to understand when we realise that email attachments are still the number one way for malware to be delivered. You obviously have an email account, so exercise common sense! In 2016, there was a surge in malware attacks. How are you coping with these ever present online risks? Knowing how to deal with them helps your pocket and peace of mind. How To Avoid Being Scammed Online Are you ready for the fun safety talk to begin? Wooh - safety! Use Anti-Virus Software It's common sense but not everyone actually uses these tools, which is an error because they're designed to do most of the heavy lifting. As long as you keep it up-to-date and run any suggested scans, then you should be relatively safe. But - to paraphrase Jeff Goldblum - the internet always finds a way to slip a scam through the filters! Cue dramatic music, thunder, and evil laughter. Passwords They say never to write these down on a piece of paper, but realistically most passwords that are stolen are taken online and very rarely are your passwords actually physically taken. One of the [...]

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Building Community Spirit

Building community spirit isn't so hard. It just takes one small step outside your door! So while it's possible to connect with people from Tokyo to Timbucktoo, for many of us, we are losing our grip locally? How active are you within your community, do you take the time to connect with people, make new friends, to do the things you really love? Making a difference shouldn't be hard work, it should be an extension of who you are and the things you're passionate about. By getting out and about and joining in, we can all make a difference. Whether your the person behind the event, or the type that just loved to participate, it doesn't matter, simply do more of the things you love and everyone benefits. Why We Need One Another! Feeling part of any clan or kin means that difficulties become easier to manage and joys are amplified through being shared with other people. What is more, a strong social scene on your doorstep allows you to learn new skills, develop your network, and contribute to the greater good. And we absolutely love that sort of stuff here. I live in a cool working class neighbourhood where there is a wide range of community initiatives, with free exhibitions,  workshops and classes. Everybody pulls together and creating your own event is actively encouraged. All it takes is getting started. People are receptive to good ideas and socialising! Whether its a regular group activity, such as weekly walk or bike ride, or local farmers market, by organising an event, you'll have the opportunity to inspire others in your community. All Together Now At Community Meets, our mission is connecting like-minded people though the magic of activities. "Alone we can do so little; together, we can do so much.” – [...]

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