After several years of planning and development, Community Meets finally goes live! It’s been an epic journey, inspired by our desire to connect people, face-to-face, through the magic of activities.

While most other social networks are designed to keep you glued to the screen, clicking, liking, sharing, that’s not us! Community Meets focuses on making it easy to unite people and join together, whether it be for rallying behind a cause and mission or for point of interest.

If you’re someone who loves to organise an event, or the type that enjoys to participate, Community Meets has something for you.

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How We Got Started: The Inside Scoop

In the past, trains were good for getting from A to B, once in a fog of romantic steam and whistles. The kernel of the idea came when the founder of Community Meets noticed that people were commuting on public transport without speaking to one another, glued to screens of various descriptions and isolated from the world by earphones.

True and observable by everybody as well as backed up by study after study, article after article –  and it’s not healthy!

Statistics indicate that people are increasingly turning to their phones in social situations and in doing so, conveying to others an apparent boredom with conversation and losing the art of mannerly communication. It can be seen in restaurants amongst patrons sitting opposite one another sharing a meal.

Thankfully, these same stats reveal a majority seem to agree that this behaviour is not cool.

How Funways Got Started

The Solution

People seem to be realising that technology is a tool that can be used or abused. We can allow it to control us or we can control it, but only in doing the latter, can it open a world of possibilities. Community Meets understands this. Community Meets uses the internet to enable filling our offline world with fun and people and encouraging real in favour of virtual human interaction. Community Meets makes it easy for people from all walks of life to create and attend events that matter the most to them.

If you’re the type that loves to organise events, you’re in the right place. Smart tools make it easy to organise all sorts of events, be they social or professional. To get started, create a group or page that matches your purpose, alternatively, go straight to our activity form and post an event.

Interest Groups

These are perfect for rallying a group of people around an interest or hobby. By choosing to start an Interest Group, you will have access to powerful tools that will help you to establish a new group, manage an existing group, and create all sorts of amazing events for your members.

Community Groups

We all want to make the world a better place, right?” A Community Group is the perfect place to unite a group of people around a cause, mission or location. Not only can you post your own events, you can also activate a Contributor feature, allowing community members to contribute events to the event list.

Event Organisers

If you don’t want to setup or actively manage an Interest or Community group, you can still post events to our activity list. Simply go straight to new activity form, complete the form, and post your event. Alternatively, for a greater site presence and dedicated URL, setup an About Page. All your events will then be linked to About page, and members and others will be able to learn more about you.

Wow, that awesome, but I’m not the organiser type! What’s in it for me?

Not all members want to post events, in fact, the majority are just like you, so we’ve made it easy to follow your favourite organisers and attend events. When you join a page or group that interests you, you’ll start receiving invitations to upcoming events. You’ll also be able to use our invite and share tools to get friends on board.

Head on over to Community Meets and start attending events that matter to you!

Fun group games

If you have an idea, mission or cause of your own, put it in action. Today. Make a difference, start a group or page that matches your purpose, or simply post your next event with Community Meets.

Let us be a part of each other’s story!