Get started – the obligatory first sentence that tells you what the article is about!

At Community Meets you can setup all sorts of activities and events. To get started, simply create one of the following pages.

We realise your end goals will vary, so each page type has a particular focus.

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Organise events that matter to you!

Organisers Page

If you just want to Post an Event, you’ll most likely want to setup an Organisers page. This is a hidden account page where event organiser create and manage their events.

You can post one-off and recurring events, direct attendees to register on the activity page, offsite with a 3rd party, or make registration optional. Your events will be marked on an activity page calendar and members will be able to follow you, to receive invitations to your upcoming events.

Learn more about our event planning tools and features.

Account holders posting events on a regular basis can upgrade their page to an ‘About us’ page. These pages are searchable and come with there own URL. Members will be able to learn more about you and your events.

Organise, list and promote engaging events

Group Pages

Rallying people around an interest, hobby, cause or mission by starting a group; you’ll then be able to organise group activities, invite people to the group, setup activity waitlists and much much more.

Learn more about Group page features.

Start a Group today and use our smart event planning interface to organise events that matter to you.

Create a Community by making it easy for others to contribute

Community Pages

Community pages function in a similar way to Group Pages, but the focus here is on making it easy for people to find, follow and contribute events. Not only can you post your own events, but when the Contributor feature is active, members will be able to start groups and setup an events directly at the Community page.

When members submit an activity or event, you’ll have an opportunity to review and approve the event, before it feeds into your activity list.

Contributors will be listed at the Community page, they can be assigned various levels of access, and be upgraded to their own sub-communities.

Imagine all your communities events, easily accessible in one convenient location!