Listing your events is super easy at Community Meets.

By setting up a Business or Group Page you’ll have access to smart tools that will help you to create, share and manage your events. Whether it’s listing a one-off or recurring event, face-to-face or online, we’ve got you covered.

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Organise events that matter to you!

Getting Started

Prior to listing an event at Community Meets you first need to setup a Business or Group page. This is where you create and manage your events.

  • Business Pages are ideal for members who simple wish to list and promote their events.
  • Groups Pages are for members who want to run an active group  and organise regular events.

Business Pages

Anyone can setup a Business Page, its the way to go if you’d like to promote your events in the Community Meets ‘What’s on’ list without having to run an active Group.

Business pages are a hidden admin page where event organisers can create and manage all sorts of one-off and recurring events. Even though the Page is hidden, we suggest you:

  • Upload a page cover image, this will assist followers recognise you
  • Have a least one event listed at all times to maintain your presence on the website

When setting up an event, we offer flexible registration options so you retain control of how and where people register. You can have attendees register:

  • On the Event page,
  • Offsite at your preferred booking page or
  • Set registration to optional

Once an event is posted to the ‘What’s on’ list, members following you are automatically invited.

To enhance your visibility at Community Meets you maybe able to upgrade to an About page. This is a searchable page where members can then learn more about you. Contact us to find out more.

To help manage your page and events, you can grant administrator access. You can also turn on/off event page comments and photos, setup contact folders (for more control around who receives event invitations) and communicate with members following you.

Business pages are ideal if you are looking for a simple way to list and promote events, without having to run or manage a Group.

Organise, list and promote engaging events

Group Pages

You can setup an Interest, Hobby or Community Group. Because groups are visible on the Community Meets website, appearing in the Groups List, there are several requirements you need to be aware of:

  • Group Page must have a cover image
  • Group description text must be detailed and clearly outline the purpose of the Group
  • There is an expectation that Group owner actively seek to grow group memberships by listing regular event.
  • Inactive Group maybe removed from the Community Meets website

If you elect to start a new Group, you will be able to,

  • List one-off and recurring events for group members
  • Import contacts and setup contact folders for more control around who receives event invitations
  • Share Group and Event details to social media
  • Grant various levels of administrator access
  • Activate event waitlists and more…

Group pages are a great way to rally people around a common cause or interest.

Create a Community by making it easy for others to contribute

Get your next event out there!

As a Group or Business Page owner you’ll have access to smart event planning tools that will save you time. Get your next event out there by setting up a Page that best aligns with your purpose.

Community Meets is here to help, we’d love to hear from you.