Get your next event out there!

Listing your events at Community Meets is super easy. To get started first choose how you want to post i.e. as an Event Organiser or on behalf of a Group.

Event Organisers need to setup an admin page, this is where you create an manage all your events. Only members with admin access can see this page. To maintain a visible presence on the Community Meets website you need at least one active event in our ‘What’s on’ list, otherwise you may not appear in search results.

As a Group owner you will be able to organise events for your members. Public groups appear in the Groups list and maybe hidden or removed from the website if they become inactive for long periods of time.

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Organise, list and promote an event

Get your next event out there!

Activity Form

Lets assume you have created an Organiser or Group Page and are ready to complete the New Activity Form.

Activity Name

Its best to choose a short yet descriptive name, this along with a cover image help make your event stand out from others in the ‘What’s on’ list.

Once an event has been posted you have the option of importing a saved template back into the activity form by selecting the template name in the drop down menu associated with this field. Use this to recreate your favourite events in seconds.

If a template is associated with an active recurring event, you will not be able to post the event unless the Activity Name is changed, this is because the Name is linked to that recurring event. If the Activity Name is subsequently changed, a new event will be created.

To edit or manage active recurring events read our article Managing events


You can setup one-off or recurring events by making selections at the Frequency field. There are several option when it comes to posting recurring events such as repeat daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly or simply select multiple dates from a calendar.

Once posted, recurring events can easily be extended by accessing and updating the activity form, however this must be done using the edit icon at the Event Managers ‘Scheduled’ list.

Where recurring events run over several weeks or longer, you maybe prompted to login into your Community Meets account on a regular basis to confirm those events remain valid.


Start Date | Time

A start-date along with beginning and end time are always required. An End-Date is only required if;

  • An event runs for more than 24 hours,
  • Repeats daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly

Events are restricted to a maximum number of day;

  • Maximum of 48 days for repeat daily events
  • Maximum 3 days in any week for repeat weekly, fortnightly, monthly events (no end-date restriction)


There are several event registration options, including on/offsite registration. You are not locked into onsite registration, you can direct interested parties to your website or preferred booking page.

Restrict Numbers

This option is only available where attendees register on the activity page. A maximum number of attendees can be set and a waitlist activated.

When the waitlist is active, members attempting to register after the maximum number of attendees is reached will be notified if space becomes available.

Private Activity

Private events can only be posted at private Groups. A page’s privacy can be changed at page settings, this action is irreversible!

When posting private events, contacts added at Event Manager or invited by group owner/admin/organiser can view activity details if signed in to their Community Meets account, otherwise some content is hidden. Others with a link to the event may request to attend the event, if approved they automatically join the group and in turn have unrestricted access to content.

Attach Documents

Here you can attach supporting documents which will be displayed on the activity page, compatible files are: word, page, pdf, jpg, png.


To help people locate your event on/offsite add keywords that best describe the event. Make sure each word is separated with a comma.

Cover Photo

To make your event stand out from others be sure to include an awesome cover image. Images that include marketing material or logos may not be approved.


Once the activity form has been completed review a summary of key event details prior to listing your event. Here you can also save or update the template, this will allow you to recreate your favourite events in seconds.

When posting multiple or recurring events, there may be a delay before some or all events are posted and/or marked on the activity calendar. This can be due to the creation and approvals process.

Where more than four recurring events created, the first four events will be listed on the Organiser or Group Page. When one expires, the next appears. All events however remain accessible, listed on the activity calendar and displayed in the ‘What’s on’ list.


There a two ways to import and recreate saved events.

The first option involves visiting the New Activity form and selecting the template at the Activity Name field, it will be available in the drop down menu. Once the details have been imported into the form, update the start date/time and any other details prior to posting the event.

Alternatively you can import a saved template back into the form from your Event Manager ‘Saved or Template’ list.

Note if you import a template for an active event some frequency settings may not be available, this is to avoid event duplication. If the desired frequency setting is not available, to post a new event the activity name must be changed.

When things change

Once an event has been posted, how you update its details depends on whether the event is one-off or recurring. We recommend you read the following article prior to updating or editing an active event – When things change

If you have any questions or need help, please get in touch.