Learn how to get your next event out there!

Listing your activities and events is super easy! Prior to accessing the activity form, you first need to setup a posting source, that can be a Group, Community or Organisers page. To learn more about each of these options, check out our Getting Started article.

Continue reading to learn how to setup and recreate your favourite events in seconds.

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Organise, list and promote an event

Get your next event out there!

Listing an Event

Having created a Group, Community or Organisers Page, locate that page by selecting ‘My Pages’ from the main header drop down menu. At your page, select the Add Activity icon to access the activity form.

Activity Form

To help an event stand out in our activity list, choose a short yet descriptive name and make sure you include an image, preferably free of marketing material, that clearly depicts the type of event.


You can setup one-off or recurring events by making selecting at the Frequency field. If an event is set to repeat, or multiple dates are selected, you need to login to your Community Meets account on a regular basis to confirm those details remain valid, otherwise they may stop running; don’t worry, we’ll send you a reminder.

When setting an event to repeat, an ‘End Date’ is required. You can extend an event beyond that date by updating the date at your Event Managers ‘Scheduled’ list.

Frequency options vary, depending on the Group or Page type.

Start Date and Time

A start date, start time and end time are always required. An end date will only be required if an event runs for more than 24 hours, repeats daily, or is set to Repeat.


For group related activities, members must register on the activity page.

If posting events from a Community or Organisers page, you can direct attendees to register on the activity page, offsite with a third party, or set registration to optional.

Restrict Numbers

Some pages can set a maximum number of attendees and activate wait lists. When active, members will be notified if places become available after the maximum number of attendees is reached.

This feature only works if registration takes place on the activity page.

Private Activity

Private events can only be posted from private Group pages.  Your page’s privacy can be changed at page settings, this action is irreversible!

When posting private events, Group Members, contacts added at your Event Manager and those invited by the Group owner/admin/organiser can view activity details, provided they are signed in, otherwise some content is hidden. Others may request to attend private events, if approved, they become a group member and in turn have unrestricted access to content.

Attach Documents

Attach supporting documents to the activity page, compatible files are: word, page, pdf, jpg, png.


Help others locate your event, on and offsite by adding keywords to describe the event. Make sure you separate each word with a comma.


Once the activity form is complete, progress to a summary of key event details. Here you can save the activity template, this will allow you to recreate your favourite events in seconds.

Note that there may be a delay before some or all events are posted and/or marked on the activity calendar, due to the creation and approvals process. Where there are more than four recurring events created, the first four events will be listed on your Page. When one expires, the next will be added. All events remain accessible, being listed on the activity calendar and in the general activity list.


There a two ways to import and recreate a saved event. Firstly, at the New Activity form, select the template from the drop down menu associated with the Activity Name field to import data back into the form. Simply update the start date/time and proceed straight to summary prior to posting the event.

Templates can also be imported and managed at your Event Manager ‘Saved’ list.

If importing a template for an event is also running, some frequency options may not be available, this is to avoid event duplication. In this case, to post a new event, the activity name must be changed.

When things change

To edit a one-off or single event, visit the activity page by selecting Hosting from the header menu. Next select ‘Edit Activity’ from the pages menu to access the activity form. There you can edit event details; only members that have registered on-page or who are following the event will be notified of a change!

Where an event is recurring, or multiple dates have been selected, to update all associated events in a single action, locate the event in your ‘Event Managers’ Scheduled list. Next use the edit icon to import details back into activity form and make the necessary changes. All events will be then be updated; only members that have registered on-page or who are following the event will be notified of a change!

Post Updates

To send an update or message to members that have registered on-page and those following the event, select Post Update from the activity page menu.


Members that have register on-page as attending and those following the event automatically receive activity reminders. Those invited but yet to respond can be sent a single reminder, by selecting ‘Reminders’ from the page menu.