It’s better when shared – that’s our motto!

We came up with it after a 4-hour meeting, locked in with the stale cigarette smoke, Chinese takeaway and rolled up sleeves that indicate a very serious business get-together. We sampled fun is funFun! Try itPeople Make Fun Fun, and Fun Makes People Fun!

But then we hit on it’s better when shared, and my heart was beating like the opening section of New Order’s Blue Monday. Great song, great concept. And to share this motto with you, we are not merely going to repeat it (IT’S BETTER WHEN SHARED!), but also prove it.

Doing things with people is always better than doing things alone. Want proof? Come this way! Click To Tweet

It's better when sharedCome Together Now

If the Beatles couldn’t convince you, let us try.

Ever since pre-historic man and woman looked at cave walls and thought: you know what look cool here, some crude drawings of a deer, human beings have worked together.  In fact, speech developed as we plotted the takedown of large game, gathered food and flirted. You know the last part happened, or else none of us would be here! Indeed, doing things with people – as numerous studies have shown – helps us develop a range of key skills. And it’s a laugh!

It’s a message so appealing, the Beatles song was covered by Aerosmith and the Artic Monkeys.

It’s Better When Shared

Here is a list of things that are fun to do with people:


The rolling hills, the blue sky, the stray dog that’s not yours but still follows you. Walking is ace. Some studies put walking as better than jogging and running for our health, but what is inarguable is that walking helps us think. It clears the mind, and when it does, it might be helpful to bounce ideas off your walking companion. What is more, you don’t need to talk to enjoy sharing the natural world with someone. Feeling them there as you both gaze at the horizon can be very fulfilling. And going with an experienced guide on a walking tour is safe, educational and a popular way to meet new people.


Drinking a nice glass with dinner is cool, but alcohol was made for sharing! Social groups and events offer a brilliant opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. Allow the wine to open the flood of conversation; think of it as the grapey backdrop any cool event.

Jam Session

Strumming my pain with his fingerrssss…You mightn’t be aware of it when it happens, but instruments speak to each other. So when jamming with friends, unexpected things can happen with riffs, solos, chords, and ideas. Sometimes, hit Icelandic band Sigur Ros just jam without focus and then gradually find the song together. If you’re musically inclined, this will improve your music and will also be a fun way to pass the time.


Yes, there’s nothing better than sitting back with a good book next to the fire or outside on a sunny day. You can lose yourself in a fascinating story, and that is truly one of life’s little pleasures. Books are essentially about characters and how they interact with one another. Their lives intersect for the duration of a plot and they bring you, the reader, along for the ride! But sometimes stories can be complex, and what better way to unravel them than through lively discussion at a book club. Your perspectives will be stretched and challenged by other people, and you might find a new best friend in Geoff, cos he also thinks Harry Potter is overrated!

As you can see: it’s better when shared!

Feeling Inspired? We Hope So!

And so another blog post comes to an end, but your quest for fun never finishes. Next Tuesday, you have badminton with Bruce, and the weekend has one party, one brunch, and many friends! Why not wear a cool It’s Better When Shared t-shirt, which is bound to be as popular as those Frankie Says Relax tees from the eighties.

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And now for a photo that needs no description…

it's better when shared