Learn how to setup an online event at Community Meets.

At Community Meets you can post all sorts of events, including online or virtual events.

So what’s a Virtual event? Wikipedia say its an event where people interacting in a virtual environment on the web, rather than meeting in a physical location.

In this help topic you will learn how to complete the activity form and setup an online event.

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Getting Started

Here we assume you have a Group or Organisers page already setup. Lets get started.

At your page, use the add activity icon to access the activity form, there either import a saved template or enter the name of the activity. Next, at the Type field, select ‘Online’ and notice the form reconfigures to cater for online, verses offline content.

At the Frequency field, select whether the event will be a one-off or recurring event. Usually each event requires a separate link to register or access the webinar, chat or meeting room, therefore, if you intend to post recurring events where (1) members must register on the activity page, or (2)  ‘How to join’ instructions are displayed, you may need to post each event separately by following these steps;

  1. Select one-off event frequency , setup the first event, including How to Join instructions
  2. Next save the template and post your first event
  3. At the activity form, import the saved template, update ‘How to join’ instructions and post your next event
  4. Repeat the above steps as necessary, making sure you update each events ‘How to Join’ instructions.

Online events form

Start Time and Registration

Enter the start date/time as you would for any other event, this will be based on the Broadcast location.

Some offline features such as restricting attendee numbers are not compatible with online events. This will need to be managed by the 3rd party application used to broadcast the event.

At the registration field, you can elect to have attendees register at the activity page or your preferred web or booking page. Where registration takes place on the activity page, you must include detailed How to Join instructions. These instructions will only be displayed after a member joins the event.

If registration is to occur at a 3rd party page or site, members will be redirect to that site to register. In this case, How to Join instructions are optional, if added, they will be displayed on the activity page,

Community Meets activity form

How to Join

Where How to Join information is required, or added, it is important you include detailed instruction on how to register, including any access or registration links. If members are to register on the activity page, how to instructions will be:

  • Displayed after the member joins the event
  • Emailed to the member and included in event reminders

Broadcast Location

Online events do not require Venue or Location fields, these are instead replaced with a ‘Broadcast Location’. That location is used to determine the events start/end time at other geo-locations, so it is important to make sure the Broadcast location is correct! 

When a person visits the activity page, they will see the start time corrected for their location, provided they are signed in to the Community Meets website.

Community Meets Activity form

Recreating Events

Once all fields have been completed, proceed to the activity summary, save the template, if you intend to recreate the event down the track, and post it.

To recreate a saved event, return to the activity form, at the ‘Activity Name‘ field, use the drop down arrow in the right corner of the container to access a list of, and to select a saved template. This will import the event back into the activity form. Next,

  • Update the start date and time
  • Update the ‘How to Join’ instructions
  • Post the event

Repeat this process to post multiple events where each events ‘How to Join’ instructions differ.

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