Using the invite and share tools to spread the word.

Getting people on board

You’ve created an awesome event, added a great cover image and its listed in the What’s on list. Well done! But it doesn’t end there, the next step is spreading the word and getting people on board. Here we step you through how to do that, looking at how to share event details and invite contacts.

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Share event details to social media


At the activity page, use the share icons to post an events details to your Facebook or Twitter feeds. The connection process is managed by the third party. Community Meets will not have access to account passwords or login details. Connection only authorises a sharing protocol. Periodically, a third party may disconnect a service. When that occurs, you will need to reconnect your account to continue using the Share feature.

Prior to sharing an event, a preview will be available.

Don’t underestimate the power of sharing! With approximately 2.3 billion Facebook users, you need to be sharing group details to social media. Here are some tips on when friends are most likely to be checking their social accounts.

● Weekdays between 1-3 pm

● Evenings between 7-8pm

● Weekends between 1-2pm

Another way to share is by selecting the link icon. This will import the activity name and URL into your mail browser, allowing you to add and invite personal by email.

Event Page

Invite Tool

Page members and followers are automatically invited to an activity when it is posted, the exception being where contacts folders have been created at ‘Manage Contacts’. In this case, the organiser will be able to select which folders (contacts) receive activity invitations.

To get others on board, use the Invite People button or icon to import and invite your friends and others. Once a contact has been invited to at least one activity, they appear in a Previously Invited list, making it super easy to invite the same people to upcoming events.

The invite tool can be used several times per event, allowing you to add new contact along the way. Contacts will not receive more than one invite per event.

Importing Contacts

To better manage your contacts or existing membership list, you can import these and assign them to folders at Manage Contacts. By doing so, you’ll then be able to:

  • Choose which folders receive activity invitations
  • Assign admins to manage one or more folders
  • Send messages to contacts within a folder

To get started, first create and label as many folders as needed, then use the Import tool to import contacts from address books, XLX / CSV files, you can also manually add contacts.

For Group owners, once contacts have been imported, you’ll also be able to use the Invite tool to invite contacts to join the Group.

Manage Contacts


Before posting your first event, or using the invite tool, we suggest updating your profile to include a recognisable name and photo. This will help those invited recognise the source of the invitation.

Mail providers may classify some types of mail as spam, invites could end up in spam or junk folders. If this is the case, please add the following email to your mail address book contacts list.

Hope you have found our invite and sharing article informative and helpful.