Using the invite and share tools to spread the word.

Getting people on board

You’ve just setup an awesome event, it presents well and has a great cover image, but we all know, it doesn’t end there. Spreading the word and getting people to your events is the next step!

In this article we step you through how to do that, focusing on how to share event details and invite contacts.

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Share event details to social media


On each activity page you’ll find share icons (shown below) that allow you to share your events details directly to your Facebook or Twitter feeds. When you first attempt to share events details, you’ll need to authorise the connection process with third party i.e. Facebook or Twitter.  Connection only authorises a sharing protocol. Periodically, a third party may disconnect a service, if that occurs you may need to reauthorise the connection to continue using the Share feature.

Don’t underestimate the power of sharing! With approximately 2.9 billion Facebook users sharing details to social media is an important part of promoting any event.

Here’s a list of times when people are most likely to be checking their social accounts.

● Weekdays between 1-3 pm

● Evenings between 7-8pm

● Weekends between 1-2pm

Another way to share is by selecting the link icon (shown below). This allows you to import the activity name and URL into your mail browser; you can then easily forward details and send a personal invitation.

Event Page

Invite Tool

People following you are automatically invited events when they are created, the exception being where contact folders have been setup at ‘Manage Contacts’. In this case, the event organiser will be able to select which folders (contacts) receive activity invitations.

To help spread the word, the Invite button (shown above) allows you to import and invite selected email contacts. Once a contact has been invited to an event they appear in your Previously Invited list. You can utilise this list to invite the same people to each of your upcoming events.

The invite tool can be used several times per event, allowing you to add new contacts along the way.

When a contact starts to follows you they automatically receive activity invitations as outlined above. They will also remain in your Previously Invited list. In all cases, they will only receive one invitation per event, no matter how many times the invite tool is used.

Importing Contacts

To help manage your contacts or existing membership lists you can import them at Manage Contacts and setup dedicated Contact Folders. You will then be able to:

  • Choose which folders receive activity invitations
  • Assign admins to manage one or more folders
  • Messages selected folders and contacts

To get started select Manage Contacts from your pages main menu. Next visit the Folders tab to create and label as many folders as needed. Once your folders have been setup, select the Import tab  (shown below) to import contacts from address books, XLX / CSV files or manually enter details.

If your page is visible i.e. Group or About us page, once contacts have been imported, use the Invite tab (shown below) to invite contacts to follow you.

Manage Contacts


Before creating your first event or using the invite tool, we suggest updating your profile to include a recognisable name and photo. This will help those invited recognise the source of the invitation.

Email providers may classify some types of mail as spam and invitations may end up in spam or junk folders. To prevent this from occurring please add the following email to your address book contacts list.

Happy event organising!