Let’s take a look at how to manage your events and update details when things change.

One things certain in life, change is inevitable! And when it comes to running an event, you’ll at some point need to update an events details, be it to fix something you overlooked, or to change the start time or venue etc. You may also need to send members interested in your event an update or message. In most cases, these actions are straight forward and can be performed directly at the activity page.

So there’s no need to stress, when if comes to changes, we’ve got this covered!

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How to manage your events

Take all the stress out of managing your events

Locating your Events

There are two ways of locating your events. You can simply select Hosting from the main header drop down menu to see a list of events you have running, or alternatively select Event Manager at your pages menu to see a full list of

  • Upcoming Events
  • Saved Templates
  • Scheduled Events

If you need to update or extend a recurring event, this needs to be done via the Event Manager ‘Scheduled’ list.

Event Manager

Updating a Single Event

To update a one-off or single event, import event details back into the activity form to make changes. If import the event at Event Manager, select the edit icon (shown above). If doing so from the activity page, select Edit Activity from the activity page menu (shown below).

At the activity form, edit content as necessary and review details at the activity summary, prior to updating the event. Please note, only members that have registered on the activity as Going and those that are following the event will receive notification of updated details. Those directed to register offsite with a 3rd party, may not be notified!

Activity Page Menu

Updating Recurring Events

If an event is set to repeat, or multiple dates were selected during the creation process, to update all associated events in a single action, select and import the event back into the activity from at your Event Manager Scheduled list. Changes made this way will apply to all associated events; only members that have registered on-page or who are following the event will be notified of a change!

Post Updates

To get a message out about a particular event, rather than updating or editing activity details, use the Post Update feature at the activity page. Members that have expressed interest in the event will receive the update.


Members that have shown interest in an event i.e. they are listed as Going or following an event, automatically receive event reminders. Others that were invited, but are yet to respond can be sent a single reminder. This can be done by select Reminders from the activity page tools menu (shown above).