Get your next event on Community Meets – the obligatory first sentence that tells you what the article is about!

At Community Meets you can post all sorts of community related events! Prior to getting started, choose a posting source that best matches your purpose or intended audience. Which best describes you?

Just want to post an event?

Use any of the Post an Event buttons located on the Community Meets site to go straight to the new activity form. Complete this form to post an event to the general activity list.

About Pages

To better promote your business or organisation, setup an About Page. These pages come with a dedicated URL and all your events will be linked to the page. Members will be able to learn more about you and your events.

Interest Groups

Perfect for rallying a group of people around an interest or hobby. By choosing to Start a Group, you will have access to powerful tools that will help you establish a new group, or manage an existing group. If you intent on organising regular events for group members, you’ll likely want to start a group.

Community Groups

Looking for a better way to unite a community around a cause, mission or location? At the Community Group, not only can you post and manage your own events, you can authorise others to contribute events. This is great way of centralising events and engaging community members.

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Ready to Go!

If you have decided to Start a Group or About page, complete the applicable form to setup your group/page. Be sure to include plenty of information about you and the events you intend to organise. Once the form is complete, there’s a short tour where we outline some minimum requirements. Newly created groups and pages need to be approved, until then, some features will not work.

For event organiser that just want to post an event, without starting a group or about page, go straight to the Post an Event form. Complete the form to post your event to the activity list. Until your first event is approved, another can not be created.

Please note, Groups, Pages and Events may not be approved if;

  • They do not meet our minimum requirements
  • They have little or no meaningful content,
  • There is no clear intention to organise an event
  • The objective is to sell or promote products or services
  • There is no clear intention to connect like-minded people, face-to-face.

Creating your first Event!

At the activity form, you’ll find all the usual fields such as; Activity Name, Start Date/Time, Frequency, Description, Venue and Location. Events must also comply with the above mentioned requirements. Cover image; images should not contain;

  • Logos or advertising material
  • Text

After completing the form, you’ll progress to a summary of key details, confirm these are correct prior to post your event.

Pro tip – If you intend to recreate the event in the future, be sure to save the activity as a template! You’ll then be able to recreate events in seconds.

Plugging the event

Once your event is up, to attract more people, visit the activity page and use our invite and social media share buttons to get people’s attention. With just a few clicks, you’ll be sharing event details on Facebook, Twitter and to email contacts.

If an activity is associated with a Group or About page, your members or followers are usually automatically invite your events, the exception being where contacts have been imported and assigned to contacts folders. If this is the case, you’ll be able to choose which folders (contacts) receive activity invitation. This will be beneficial where contact or membership lists need to be managed separately.

Enjoy your Event

Now you know how to get your next event out there, your just a few steps away from connect with like-minded people that share your idea of fun!