Event Organiser Pages

For an easy way to promote or manage your next event, without starting a group.

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Visible Pages *

For a greater site presence, dedicated URL and access to page followers.

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Hidden Pages

You just want to post an event, an‘About us' page is not required.

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Event Logic

Direct members to register on page, book or follow an event.

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Event Manager

Create and manage one-off, repeat, public or private events

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Social Integration

Fully integrated with your existing social media accounts.

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Manage Change

When things change, we make it easy to notify interested members.

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Save activity templates and recreate your favourite events in seconds.

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Import Contacts

Its easy to import and manage existing contacts and membership lists.

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Authorise members to help manage your page and its events.


Less time planning, more time doing!

An Event Organiser page allows you to promote or manage an event,

or series of events without having to start a group.

Get your next event out there!


The Magic of Activities

  • * Create amazing events for your audience
  • * Manage attendees on, or off page
  • * Link to 3rd party booking pages
  • * Grow your network
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Get started today!

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