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Use smart planning tools to organise events that matter to you!

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About Pages *

Perfect for promoting your organisation and its events.

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Linked Events

All your events will be linked and displayed on the page.

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Direct attendees to register on-page or with a 3rd party.

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Event Manager

Manage all sorts of events, be they one-off or reoccurring.

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Social Integration

Fully integrated with your existing social media accounts.

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When things change, simply edit the activity form or post an update.

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Save activity templates and recreate your favourite events in seconds.

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Import Contacts

Manage membership and contact lists; setup contact folders.

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Grant key members access to help manage the page and its events.


Less time planning, more time doing!

Promote your organisation or business by creating

an About page. Members will be able to learn

more about you and your events.


The Magic of Activities

  • * Create amazing events for your audience
  • * Manage attendees on or off page
  • * Link to 3rd party booking pages
  • * Grow your network
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