Frequently Asked Questions


  • Registering for Activities The event organiser may require people interested in an event to register on page, or offsite with a third party. When registering on page, you will need to sign into your Community Meets account. After registering with a third party, if you need to cancel or update a booking, you will need to contact the 3rd party provider.

  • Posting Activities You have a few options when it comes to posting an event. Yes, you can go straight to the new activity form and post an event, however if you'd like to start a group, or require a greater site presence for your organisation, these pages must be setup prior to posting an event. No matter which option you run with, you’ll have full access to smart event management tools and features, making it easy to share and promote your next event.

  • Activity Invitations When an activity is posted, members following a group or page are usually automatically invited to the activity, the exception being where organisers have imported contacts or membership lists. In this case, organisers can choose who receives activity invitations. Where expecting an invitation, but one is not received, be sure to check email spam or junk folders.

    When a new activity is posted, there maybe a delay in sending invitations. Where multiple events are created, they maybe grouped together into a single invitation.

    To stop receiving invitations from a particular group or event organiser, visit the page in question and remove your self from the group, or stop following the organiser. If you continue to receive invitations, this maybe because another member is inviting to the event. In this case, use the unsubscribe link included with the activity invitation.

Address Books

  • Connecting If having problems connecting an address book, it maybe necessary to clear your devices cache, browser history, and cookies. Your browser tends to hold onto information, and over time it could cause problems with logging into or connecting to other sites. After clearing, some previously remembered settings on your device get deleted. Below we provide some guidance on how to clear the cache, browsing history and cookies, for supported browsers.

    Chrome Browser
    We suggest you review the following support topic on how to clear your cache, cookies and history, prior to taking the actions below.
    1. Select 'Chrome' from the top menu, and in the drop down options, select 'Clear Browsing Data'. This will popup a setting page, where you'll need to select and clear you cache and cookies.
    2. Next select Chrome once again, and in the drop down options, select 'Quit Chrome, which closes the Chrome Browser.
    3. Next, relaunch Chrome and attempt to reconnect the address book.

    Safari Browser
    We suggest you review Safari support topics on how to clear your cache, cookies and history, prior to taking the actions below.
    1. Select 'Safari' from the top menu, and in the drop down options, select 'Preference'. At the preferences page, select Privacy > Manage Website Data. Locate and select CommunityMeets in the list, the select 'Remove All'
    2. Next, select Safari again from the top menu, and in the drop down list, select 'Clear history'.
    3. Next select Safari once again, and in the drop down options, select 'Quit Safari', which closes the Safari Browser.
    4. Next, relaunch Safari, and attempt to reconnect the address book.
    5. If the above actions do not work, replace step 1 with following actions - Select 'Safari' from the top menu, and in the drop down options, select 'Preference'. At the preferences page select 'Advanced' from the menu, then select 'Show Develop menu in menu'. A 'Develop' tab will then appear on the top menu, select this and from the drop down list, select 'Empty Caches'. Next, repeat Steps 2-4.

    Firefox Browser
    We suggest you review Firefox Support topics on how to clear your cache, cookies and history, prior to taking the actions below.
    1. Select 'Firefox' from the top menu, and in the drop down list, select 'Preference'. At the preferences page, select 'Privacy and Security'.
    2. Next, at 'History' clear the history.
    3. Next, at Cookies and Site Data, select 'Clear Data'.
    3. Next select Firefox from the top menu, and in the drop down options, select 'Quit Firefox', which closes the Firefox Browser.
    4. Next, relaunch Firefox and attempt to reconnect the address book.

    Internet Explorer
    We suggest you review Microsoft Support topics on how to clear your cache, cookies and history.

Browsers and Devices

  • Supported Browsers COMMUNITY MEETS supports the latest versions of the following browsers: Chrome, Safari, IE and Firefox. Out dated browser versions may not be supported. Should you experience problems, please ensure your browser and operating system is up-to-date.

  • Mobile devices COMMUNITY MEETS caters for iPhone and Android devices. Some features may not be available on mobile devices. Where this is the case, a desktop or equivalent device may be required.


  • How it works? The contributor feature is available at Group pages; it must be activated by the owner prior to be available. Where active, the Add Activity icon is visible on page. Members and other events organiser can use this button to request access to post and event to the page. Once approved, the Add Activity icon provides access to the new activity form.

  • Who can contribute? Members and other site organisers can request to contribute events. When making a request, choose a posting source i.e. your personal profile or a group/page that you own. The approved source will be listed as the event organiser.

    Personal Profile
    Where approved to contribute events under your member profile, use the 'Add Activity' button on the page to access the new activity form and post your event. Visit the activity page to manage the event.

    Organiser Profile
    Where approved to contribute events under an organiser profile i.e. a Group or About page that you own, continue creating these events at your page. During the process, there will be an option to contribute or share the event. Such events are duplicated, appearing in both locations. Continue managing these events as you would any other event; changes or updates will be reflected in both locations.

    Group owners may elect to review and approve events prior to an event being posted. Where this is the case, there maybe a delay before an event appears at the Group page.

Share & Invite tools

  • How they work The share and invite tools are available on all pages. To share a page or event details with friends, simply open the invite or share tool and select your preferred method. When sharing details via social media, it may be necessary to share details more than once, as posts often move quickly down news feeds.

    The 'Invite' tool allows you to send an offical activity invitation by email. You must be signed in to use this feature. To get started, enter the email addresses of those to invited, or import address book contacts. Once a contact has been invited to at least one event, a 'Previously invited' list becomes available at the invite tool. For subsequent events, rather than having to add or import contacts a second time, simply visit this list to select and invite contacts.


  • Membership options Community Meets members are classified as Organisers or Attendees. Attendee members can join groups, follow organiser and attend activities. In addition to Attendee privileges, Organisers can create Groups, About Pages and Post Activities.

  • Upgrading Membership Attendee members will be promoted to upgrade their account to Organiser status when creating a Group, About page, or posting an event.

  • Downgrading account Organisers may downgrade their account to 'Attendee' status at Account Settings. If an account is downgraded, any groups or pages owned by the account holder, and all posted events will be removed from the Community Meets website. Prior to downgrading an account, consider transferring Group/Page ownership to another member, and/or informing existing members of your intentions.


  • Not receiving messages Email providers make an assessment of incoming messages, this may lead to some messages being deposited in junk or spam folders. To prevent this from occurring, add the following email to your address book:

  • Contact us You can contact Community Meets using the 'Contact us' or 'Feedback' links located in the main header menu, or page footer.


  • Getting Started At Community Meets, we want to reflect your needs, and we understand that those can be different depending on your end goals, your business, and because of a whole host of other factors. As an organiser, you can start hobby, interest or community groups, setup an About page for your organisation, or simply post an event. To get started, head to our Post an Event form and follow the prompts.

  • Posting Events When posting an event for a Group or About page, visit that page and use the 'Add Activity' button to access the new activity form. Complete and submit the form to post your event. To post all other events, do so at the general Post an Event form. Templates
    After completing the activity form, and prior to posting your event, there will be a tick box option at the summary view allowing you to save the event template. By saving the template, you will be able to import and recreate the event in seconds.

    Event Frequency
    The event frequency options vary, depending on the group or page type, or account setup. Where an event is scheduled to repeat, a 'Last Event' date must be set. This will determine when the event will stop running. Where you intend to post multiple events, up to 4 events will be listed at any one time, when one expires, the next will be posted. All events dates continue to be listed at the activity calendar, allowing members to locate and join any event.

  • Administrators Page owners can grant members various levels of administrators access, allowing them to manage, moderate or post events for the page. To grant access, visit the Access tab at Manage Contacts.

    Users assigned this level of access can manage all aspects of the page, including activities and members. They can edit settings, remove content and approve events. They have the same user rights as page owner, however they can not approve or revoke admin access.

    Moderators can oversee and manage content associated with the page, including removing comments, photos and events. They can also correspond with and remove members. They can not edit page settings.

    Folder Admin
    Where contacts or member lists have been imported at Manage Contacts, and assigned to folders, you can grant members access to manage selected folders. This may be handy where member lists and activity invitations need to be managed separately. Folder administrators can create events for folders they have access to.

    Post an Activity
    This level access is a simply way of allowing members to post events for the page. Access is restricted to creating and managing events.

Personal Information

  • How is personal information used? Please refer to the Community Meets Privacy Policy for information on how we use personal information.

  • Why am I asked for my Gender? Some groups/pages and events may be gender specific. Where this is the case, we use gender to determine if you are eligible to join a page, or attend an event. Gender information is not displayed on profile pages, or on the Community Meets site.

  • Why must I confirm my account? Confirming your email account allows us to confirm we are dealing with the right person.

  • Can't confirm your account? Check if the confirmation email was deposited into a junk or spam folder. If unable to locate the confirmation email, resend the confirmation email using the option provided on the Sign in page

  • How do I edit my profile? Visit your profile page by selecting ‘View Profile’ from the header drop down menu. Use the ‘edit’ button to access and edit profile details. A recognisable profile photo should be included, this will assist others identify you at events.

Reporting & Blocking Members

  • How do I block members? To block a member from contacting you, visit the members profile page and select the 'More' button to access Block and Report options. Blocking a member will not prevent the member from joining groups/pages that you belong to, and/or attending events that you may also be interested in.

  • How do I report members? We encourage you to report members whose behaviour is inappropriate. To report a member, visit the members profile page and select the 'More' button to access Report and Block options.

Security / Access

  • Offical URL The offical Community Meets URL's is Please take the time to confirm the correct URL when accessing your account.

  • Sign Up You can sign up for a Community Meets account using an email address and password, or by using Google or Facebook. If using Facebook or Google, they may periodically cancel a login token. If this occurs, you may need to reconnect some services at your Account Settings 'Services' page.

  • Unauthorised Access If you believe your account may have been compromised, change your password immediately. If unable to access your account, try resetting your password using the ‘Forgotten Password’ option located on the Sign in page. If neither of these option works, contact us and we will suspend or disable your account whilst we investigate the problem. In the meantime, Community Meets recommends you: • Confirm your computer’s anti-virus, spyware and firewall protection are up to date. • Engage the services of a professional to ascertain the security status of your operating system and rectify any problems prior to further use. • Review tips and advice listed in our ‘Safety' topic.

  • Forgotten Password Use the ‘Forgot password’ link located on the Sign in page to reset your password. A confirmation message will be sent to your nominated email account.

  • Signing out of your account For security reasons, always sign out of your account when leaving your computer unattended or after having finished your session.

  • Requests for personal information Community Meets will not ask you to send personal information by email. Should we request personal information, such information must only be sent by post to the following address:
    Community Meets Pty Ltd PO Box 4606 Knox City Centre, Victoria Australia, 3152

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