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This type of group is perfect for rallying people around an interest, hobby, cause or mission. You'll have access to smart tools that will help you manage the group and create all sorts of engaging events.

Here you can learn more about key features and tools.

Start a group today; you'll then be ready to organise your first activity.


Newly created Groups may not be approved or published if;

(a) selling products or services appears to be the main objective

(b) there is little or no meaningful content

(c) cover images contain marketing material


Take care when naming the Group; the name forms the pages URL and can only be changed once. Where possible choose a short, yet descriptive name.

Please also ensure:

(a) you have the right to use the name,

(b) it does not violation or breach any copyright, IP, trademark or other naming rights.

COMMUNITY MEETS reserves the right, where deemed necessary to request proof of ownership or naming rights. Creating Pages to reserve a name is not allowed; inactive pages and content maybe removed from the website at the sole discretion of Community Meets.


There is no rush to complete this field; it can be updated after the page is created.

When describing your Group, the more detail you can provide, the better. This may also assist with the approvals process, as pages with little or no meaningful content may not be approved.

Some things you may like to cover are;

 ● A general overview of the Group

 ● What sort of events will you be posting

 ● The benefits of following you

 ● Any associated costs or fees

 ● Any there guidelines or rules

 ● Health, wellbeing and insurance


A location lets members know where the group is based. COMMUNITY MEETS recommends adding a general location such as a suburb or area, versus a physical address.


Select an option that best describes the type of group you are starting.


New groups are created in the Public Forum but can be updated to Private once the page has been created.

Public Groups
All content is visible to members and persons browsing the website, related content may also appear on other websites, applications and in various locations, such as in Google search results.

Private Groups
When a Group is set to Private, members, contacts and those invited to the group or event can view details, provided they are signed in, otherwise some content is hidden. Others may request to join the group or attend an event, however until approved, some content remains hidden.


For more information on starting a Group and organising events, visit the organisers area at our blog.

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