Organisers Page


If you are looking for a simple way to list, promote and manage your events, setup an Organisers Page. You can post all sorts of one-off or recurring events, be they online or offline, and direct attendees to register:

 ● on the activity page

 ● at 3rd party web or booking page

 ● using a webinar link

Each of your events will be marked on an activity page calendar and members will be able to follow you to receive invitations to your upcoming events.


The name of the person or entity behind the event. Take care choosing the name, it can only be changed once.

Prior to getting started please confirm:

(a) you have the right to use the name,

(b) you are not in violation or breach of any copyright, IP, trademark or any other naming rights.

COMMUNITY MEETS reserves the right to remove or edit content, and where deemed necessary to request proof of ownership or naming rights. Creating pages to reserve a name is not allowed; inactive pages and content maybe removed from the website at the sole discretion of Community Meets.


Here you can choose how those interested in your events contact you. To funnel messages through Community Meets, select this as your preferred option.

If you would like to be contacted directly, select 'Directly' and enter your contact information, this will then be displayed on the activity page when users select 'Contact Organiser'.


If you are posting events on a regular basis you may be eligible to upgrade your Organisers page to an 'About us' page. Members will then we able to learn even more about you and your events as these pages are searchable and have there own URL.

Contact the Community Meets team to learn more.

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