Looking for easy way to list and promote your events, without starting a group? Here you can do exactly that. Follow the prompts to setup an account for your business; you'll then be ready to post your first event.

Get your next event out there!


As part of the setup process, you will need to submit an event to create your account. Please note that Community Meets may not approve an event if;

(a) selling products or services is the main objective

(b) there is little or no meaningful content

(c) cover images contain marketing material


Take care when entering the business or organisation name; the name is used for notifications and can only be changed once.

Please ensure:

(a) you have the right to use the name,

(b) it does not violation or breach any copyright, IP, trademark or other naming rights.

Community Meets reserves the right, where deemed necessary to request proof of ownership or naming rights. Creating Pages to reserve a name is not allowed; inactive pages and content maybe removed from the website at the sole discretion of Community Meets.


Location information helps us deliver events to members in that area. For safety reasons, Community Meets recommends adding a general location, such as a suburb, versus a physical address.


At the activity page a 'Contact us' button or icon allows members to contact you, the default setting sends all messages internally to your Community Meets mailbox. To allow members to contact you directly, select that option and enter your preferred contact options,

(a) email address or link to web based contact form

(b) telephone number

(c) website url

The information added will be accessible to members and displayed on Page when 'Contact us' is selected.


If you are posting events on a regular basis you may be eligible to upgrade to an 'About us' page. Members will then we able to learn even more about you and your events. These pages are searchable and have there own URL.

Contact the Community Meets team to learn more.


For more information on posting events, visit our organisers blog articles.

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