Funways is the simple, hassle-free way to connect with like-minded people face-to-face. Our mission is to foster vibrant human connections through the magic of activities.

Most social networks are designed to keep you staring at a sterile blue screen for as long as possible, clicking, liking, sharing, foregoing real human interaction.


When you join our community, not only will you have access to a variety of groups, activities and events that interest you, but you can also use our event planning interface which is fully integrated with your existing social accounts.


1. Sign up and become a member of Funways.

2. Browse and join local groups.

3. RSVP to awesome activities.

If you don’t find a group that interests you, you can easily create your own!


1. Create your own groups or business page.

2. Invite friends and others to events.

3. Plan activities your way!

Funways allows you to quickly and easily create your own events, rally locals around a common interest, and instantly invite all of your members to attend, so you spend less time planning and more time doing.

Head on over to our community blog or take a look around the Funways site to learn more.

Funways Pty Ltd is an Australian registered Company, based in Melbourne, Victoria.