Organisers Page


If you just want to setup and promote your events, an Organisers page is the way to go. You'll be able post one-off and recurring events, direct attendees to register on the activity page, offsite with a 3rd party, or make registration optional. Your events will be marked on an activity page calendar and members will be able to follow you to receive invitations to your upcoming events.


This is the person or entity behind the event. The name added here will be listed on the activity page as the activity organiser. Take care choosing the name can only be changed once.

When creating an admin page, you agree and confirm:

(a) you have the right to use the Organiser name,

(b) you are not in violation or breach of any copyright, IP, trademark or any other naming rights.


Choose between internal contact or direct contact.

To funnel messages through your Community Meets mailbox select 'Internal contact'. Alternatively, select 'Direct Contact' to add and display your contact details on the activity page; people can then contact you directly.


Organiser posting events on a regular basis will be able to upgrade their page to an 'About us' page. Members will then be able to learn more about you and your events. These pages are searchable and come with there own URL.

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