Activity Form


Choose a descriptive activity name, or import a previously saved template. Saved templates will be listed in the drop down menu associated with the name field. When importing a template, all previously saved information, except start date and time, will be imported.


You can post all sorts of events, be there one-off, repeat or multiple date events. Options will vary depending on the type of page you are posting from i.e. a Group, About or Admin page.

  ● One-off events start at the Start Date/Time, they do not require an 'End Date' unless the event will run for more than 24 hours.

  ● Repeat Daily events start at the Start/Date/Time, and repeat daily till the 'Last Date/Time. Each event can not run for more than 24 hours.

  ● Multiple dates; select from a calendar the dates an event will run on. In some locations, a limited number of events may be posted, as one ends, the next is posted. All dates remain marked on the activity calendar, so all upcoming events can be viewed.


Start Time is based on local time at the activity location. To avoid confusion, where an activity is schedule for a;

  ● Midday start, select 12:00PM.

  ● Midnight start, select 12:00AM.

End Time is the local time an activity will end.


Where members are following you, they will automatically be invited to each event when it is created. To invite others, use the on-page Invite and Share tools.


At the Registrations field, you can direct people interested in your event to register on the activity page, with a third party, or if make registration optional. Where redirecting to a 3rd party booking page, you will need to enter that page’s URL.

Where registration is not required, set the registration field to Optional.


The following optional fields can be selected or deselected, depending on your requirements,

(c) Private Activity - Only public events can be posted from Organiser Pages.

(d) Attach Documents - Attach supporting documents. Compatible files are: word, page, pdf, jpg, png.


Prevent a barrage of questions from members by providing plenty of useful information. Here’s some things you may wish to include;

  ● Clearly outline what the activity is about

  ● Why would people want to attend the event

  ● Why did you choose the venue or location

  ● Are there costs associated with the activity

  ● Should attendees bring anything

  ● How long will the activity go for

  ● Is a certain level of fitness required

  ● Do you need a backup plan

  ● Are numbers limited

  ● Can members bring friends

  ● Do attendees need to be punctual

  ● Do attendees need personal insurance


Keywords are words that describe your activity or event. These words help members locate activities on the Community Meets website. For instance, you might consider using the following keywords for a Hiking activity:

  ● Hiking, Bushwalking, Fitness.

Be sure to separate keywords using commas.


Enter the name of the venue where the activity will take place. If there is no actual venue, enter a general location that best describes where the activity will take place.


Enter or select the address of where the activity will take place. Note, the address is posted on the activity page and used to generate the activity map. If an address or location is not available, consider:

(a) Adding a nearby meeting point, with valid location details,

(b) Adding a valid location that reflects the general area and clarify actual meeting point in the activity description field.


Activity images are compulsory and help members quickly ascertain the nature of the event. They also make you activity stand out in the activity list and elevate its position in that list.

When uploading an image, the maximum file size is 8MB. In some cases, images may be cropped or stretched if the image dimension are not compatible with our container sizes. If this occurs, you may need to upload a new image.


After completing the activity form, and prior to posting the events, there will be a summary of the key details. At this point, you may save the form as a template'. Templates can later be imported back into the form, allowing you to recreate the same event in seconds.


Where posting multiple events, due to the creation process, there may be a delay before some or all events are published and/or marked on the activity calendar.


To edit a one-off or single event, visit the activity page and select 'Edit Activity' from the page menu, alternatively, use the 'Post Update' feature to send members interested in the event a message; updates are also posted to the activity page.

Where an event is recurring, to update all upcoming events, in a single action, locate the event in your Event Manager 'Scheduled' list, select the edit icon and update the activity form.

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