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COMMUNITY MEETS provides you with the following advice and tips regarding the security of your personal information while you use this website. The advice and tips are not an exhaustive description of the risks to your personal information while using this website and the Internet generally.

The measures you take to protect the security of your personal information should not be limited to those recommended below. It is your sole responsibility for ensuring the security of your personal information.

You should always exercise common sense as well as follow the recommendations provided on this page and elsewhere on this website.


(i) COMMUNITY MEETS will not ask you to send personal information by e-mail. If proof of identity is required, such information should only be sent by general post to: COMMUNITY MEETS Pty Ltd, Box 4606, Knox City Centre Australia, 3152.

(ii) Be wary of e-mails or correspondence from those you do not know or trust. Delete, without opening, e-mails that appear suspicious. Opening such e-mails, links or attachments may lead to the installation of malicious software or viruses designed to corrupt or capture personal information.

(iii) Carefully check the accuracy of all webpage URL’s. Scammers often replicate webpages (phishing) and use URL's or domains that are slightly different from the one intended. By doing so, they hope to redirect you to a dummy or fake webpage and capture information entered, including passwords. Our official URL or web address is:

(iv) Use up-to-date anti-virus software, firewalls, spyware and confirm the latest security patches are installed on all operating systems.

(v) Avoid using internet cafes or other public computer terminals. Criminals may install malicious software designed to capture personal information on such devices.

(vi) Always log off from your account at the end of a session by clicking on the ‘Sign out’ button.

(vii) Never send financial or personal information by e-mail to anyone. If making online payments for products and services, always use a secure payment gateway and confirm exactly whom you are dealing with prior to proceeding.

(viii) Visit reputable government fraud and scam prevention websites to gain insight into the risks associated with the use of the internet.

(ix) Be wary of persons or organisations that notify you of prizes or monies won, offer a business or financial investment or ask for assistance of any kind. If you are approached to send money, contact us immediately. Millions of dollars are scammed every year using such tactics.

(x) Do not share financial details, account numbers or passwords. Be wary that scammers will often have some personal information that may make their appeal or request seem legitimate. They may use this to build trust prior to asking for more detailed information.

(xi) Be wary of persons or organisations that ask for your IP address or remote access to a device or computer to fix a problem (i.e. such as to remove a virus).


(i) Be wary of attending activities by yourself that take place in isolated, non-public or remote locations, unless you can guarantee your own personal safety.

(ii) Always let someone you can trust know where you are going, whom you are meeting and when you will return.

(iii) Should you doubt or be concerned about the integrity of a person or page member, then avoid all interactions with the person in question.

(iv) People aren’t always who they appear to be. Do not be too eager to give away personal details. Correspond with members using our internal messaging service.

(v) Do not post personal information you may later regret or that may give away your location.

(vi) Report immediately any group or person that is suspicious or causes concern. Such information may lead to the prevention of undesirable activities.


You participate in external activities at your own risk. It is your sole responsibility to ensure any event or activity is suitable and safe for your circumstances.

COMMUNITY MEETS does not make any representations or warranties as to the following;

(i) the type or character of people who will attend external activities (including age, gender, nationality, religion, race, marital status and sexual preferences);

(ii) the number of people who will attend external activities;

(iii) the behaviour of people before, during and after external activities;

(iv) the suitability, qualifications and other attributes of organisers of external activities;

(v) the suitability, qualifications and other attributes of attendees of external activities; and

(vi) the precautions taken to exclude people who do not have permission to attend external activities.


(i) Should you have any doubt regarding a person’s integrity then stop corresponding with them immediately!

(ii) Visit reputable government fraud and scam prevention website to gain an insight into possible risks associated with the use of the Internet.

(iii) Should a member or person at anytime mention that they are very poor, sick, in trouble, offer a business investment, whether financial or otherwise, act with caution! If asked to send money or assist in some way contact us immediately. Do not send money or assistance of any kind!

(iv) Never mention your financial situation, bank / credit card details or passwords to anyone at any stage.

(v) Report to us immediately any activity, person(s) that are suspicious or give you cause to have concern. It is important that you do as soon as possible as your information my lead to the timely prevention of undesirable activities.

Please review the COMMUNITY MEETS Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for further information.

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